Thinking Asemic!?

IMG_5043I’ve been trying to go through the world with a more artistic eye– looking for asemic writing rather than making it myself. So alongside my art that I’ll be posting on this blog, I’ll also showcase other folks’ work as well as asemic writing I find in my day to day life.

This is a natural result of everyday wear and tear at my university’s bagel joint. I dunno, I think it looks neat. Like clouds or the ocean, or a calligrapher’s brush gone wild.

Chthonic Esoterica


This piece took a little longer than I had anticipated. I’d planned on posting it for Halloween, but I guess not. I was inspired to write this by my research into the Necromanteion of Ephyra, Greece’s famous oracle of death, as well as the Celtic roots of Halloween found in Samhain. Halloween is definitely a primo holiday (one might even say, the best holiday) and I am fascinated by celebrations of death and spirits from all over the world. Chthonic Esoterica comes from a place of tradition, a place of ghosts and fear and reverence that lives at the heart of Halloween season. It also comes from my desire to draw a skull in a box.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Alchemical Text 1


Something I’ve been working on lately, based on astrological and alchemical imagery as well as the classic ‘grimoire’ style. I’ve incorporated symbolism and asemic writing in this piece to highlight the mystical and religious aspects of occult texts. I focused more on planetary symbols that also have meanings in alchemy, such as:

  • Venus | Copper
  • Mercury | Quicksilver
  • Saturn | Lead
  • Jupiter | Tin
  • Mars | Iron
  • the Sun | Gold
  • and the Moon | Silver

The other planets that have less clout in alchemy, I incorporated highlight the common threads in both esoteric traditions.

Suggested Readings
+ Grimoires: A History of Magic Books (Owen Davies)